25 easy ways to get smarter: part 2

6. Albert Einstein
Theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate:
“Intellectual growth should begin from the moment of birth and stop only with death. Knowing where to find information and how to use it is the secret of success. The mind, once expanded its boundaries, will never return to the former. Outstanding personalities are formed not through beautiful speeches, but by their own labor and its results. ”

7. Mark Portia Caton
Senior Statesman, writer:
“A wise man learns more from fools than fools learns from a wise one.”
8. Play chess, checkers and poker.
These games can not only make you richer, but also perfectly develop thinking. If you think that you play chess too well, try to play more for a while so that it takes no more than a minute to make a decision.
9. Develop your numerical sense.
Yes, yes, you already have this. Take a handful of trifles out of your pocket, glance at her and try to count the total amount from memory. Veronique Izgard, a cognitive psychologist from Harvard, found out that the ancient structures of the brain are responsible for something that is about a quasi-ion for years (there are such numbers? We are not happy with this), but they can develop throughout their lives. To check how well your CC is developed at the moment, pass a short test or a large-scale test, the results of which will even be preserved in the annals of the American University and help move science forward. Well, then – develop CC. The easiest way is to pack things in a bag. When you estimate, how to shove them better, your brain solves the most complicated tasks and trains.
10. Feed the brain properly!
Especially if you still cannot tell a single poem from the school curriculum to the end, and it reminds you of the birthdays of your acquaintances on Facebook.

■ Walnuts. Almost the main food for the erudite! They even look like a brain. Five nuts a day – and you will be provided with lecithin, which improves brain function and activates memory. Still nuts are useful if you suddenly live in conditions of increased radiation.
■ Fish. Rare and cold, it is rich in iodine, its meat contains omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a quick influx of the energy necessary for the transmission of impulses in brain cells. They also regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve the functioning of the vessels. If you eat at least 100 grams of fish a day, your reaction rate will increase and you will reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
■ Pumpkin seeds. Put half a glass in your jacket pocket and during office scandals improve memory and make the brain think faster. All thanks to zinc.
■ Spinach. Add it to your morning omelet two or three times a week. Lutein contained in spinach protects brain cells from premature aging.
■ Sage. The University of John Hopkins found that sage inhibits the action of amino acids responsible for the violation of memory. Now there they drink tea with sage every day and remember everything about everyone.

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