A way to learn anything.

The science of how to learn new things could become one of the main applied disciplines of modernity. Each of us during the life develops many skills and abilities. No matter how different these skills are – from making a cake and searching on Google to executing Beethoven’s sonatas and writing scientific articles – they are based on a set of general principles. Understanding these principles would make learning a more understandable and painless process.
Psychology is approaching the formulation of these principles from its very foundation. The Ebbinghaus curve, which shows how fast a new material is forgotten, was discovered as early as 1885 as one of the first such regularities. Today we know about learning mechanisms much more, although it is still not enough.

Skill acquisition models will not only help you understand how the learning process is organized, but also plan your own classes more effectively, avoid unnecessary difficulties and get the best result in less time.
True, they will not give you the most important thing – regular and conscious practice. You will have to do this part of the work yourself.