Alcohol loop

Yura Skoleplyukhin periodically looks in the mirror and thinks that he should finally sign up at the gym: remove the beer belly and invigorate the muscles with dumbbell weights. However, Yura works 5 days a week, and after work drinks a mug or two of diluted ethanol. He is not an alcoholic at all: Yura believes that alcohol in small doses, if not useful, then at least not particularly harmful.

However, work and alcohol structure his time so well that he definitely has no time to enroll in a gym, and there are no more forces left after the labor exploits for sports exploits.
There is no acute reason to change the rhythm of his life. Yura just looks 15 years older than his age and all the time he feels a bit lousy … but on the whole everything is okay. The matrix holds Yura steel grip. Chance to rip her fingers from his throat from Jura, frankly, a little.

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