Kolya Pyatachkov loves cars. He used to go by metro, then he saved money for “Lada”. Now moves on borrowed “Lancer”. He has just enough money, he often has to save on the most important, such as holidays or doctors. But Kolya no longer has a life without his car.

He needs to give a loan for the car, pay for the additional equipment that the dealer has smelled and which is awkwardly expensive insurance. He needs to solve a bunch of minor problems with parking, with scratches, with the replacement of consumables and warranty repairs. He needs to change tires once a season and fill his tank full 3 times a week.
Kohl, in principle, does not complain. Every single cash “injection” in the car is quite powerful. But if Kohl had carefully calculated the cost of owning his treasure, he would find out that a narrow-eyed four-wheeled “friend” devours a third of his salary each month and half of his free time.

Could Kohl buy instead of the “Lancer” the good old “fret-chisel” in order not to bother at all with any hull or rust / scratches or expensive spare parts? To throw the car anywhere and to repair the small price list in good service near the house, without paper fuss and without queues?

Probably could. But, if you tell Kolya that he chose a car that is not of the same level, Kohl will not even send you in the ass with your advice. Kolya will just make surprised eyes and twist a finger at his temple.

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