Credit cards

Petya Klyushkin receives 30 thousand rubles a month. He also has several credit cards with a total debt of 100 thousand rubles. For the maintenance of this loan, Peter monthly pays 10 percent of his salary to banks: 3,000.

In this case, little by little to pay the loan and stop paying tribute to usurers, Peter cannot. Firstly, he is tightly held on a hook by such a technique as the “minimum payment”: if Peter stops spending money from credit cards, he will have to live for half a month for half his salary, which he cannot afford.

And secondly, there are so many temptations around, so many things-that-can-buy-for-money … that Petya sees no other way out than to continue, year after year, to feed the fattening banks.

Funny fact: Peter has long been dreaming of his own business, while the profitability of 30 percent per annum would be more than satisfactory. However, to organize an absolutely iron fund – to pay the debt to banks and start putting interest on the loan in your pocket – Peter cannot. Matrix does not allow.

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