Dullness, sexual behavior, aggression and outrageous

Dullness, sexual behavior, aggression and outrageous are glorified in television shows and comedies. It demonstrates how fun and fun it is to be stupid and inadequate. Freaks get all the attention. The most frequent image in a television show is a hysterical, capricious, full-fledged person, who behaves deliberately outrageous and demands attention to himself. Such freaks most often want to imitate the youth – in order to also be “not like everyone else”, special, popular. But this “isolation from the gray mass” often consists of inadequate behavior, bizarre appearance and strange manners, but not at all mental abilities. And, of course, in order to “not be like everyone else,” ordinary people spend a lot of money on the purchase of “exclusive” clothes, accessories, gadgets and other junk (which is what the industry is aimed at).
Another spreading “trend” – hatred and contempt for others (including, by the way, for their “stupidity”). This spurs a desire to stand out, acquiring more status things. The more individuals despise and seek to humiliate each other, the more they buy in order to assert themselves. Surrounding people should be seen as a source of personal self-satisfaction (in every sense of the word).

The citizen is implicitly suggested that the meaning of his life activity is in demonstrating self-worth and constant enjoyment of doping (through consumption, viewing various shows and purchases).
Be cool and buy more. Exalt and get more buzz. Telki, booze, cars, clubs, take everything from life – this is your motto. The triumph of ChSV and the endless flow of endorphins.
Mass media should encourage and develop in consumers those emotions and qualities that will help manufacturers of various goods and services to weld well.
For example:
– Greed, greed, desire for freebies;
– A sense of superiority, self-centeredness, narcissism, arrogance.
– Aggression, the desire to dominate;
– Sexual instinct, the desire to look attractive;
– The desire to stand out, to be special, not like everyone else;
– The desire to be fashionable, to be “in trend”, keep up with life, change wardrobe more often and update things.