Educated person becomes the worst customer

“The American colleagues explained to me that the low level of general culture and school education in their country is a conscious achievement for the sake of economic goals. The fact is that, after reading books, an educated person becomes the worst customer: he buys less and washing machines and cars, begins to prefer them to Mozart or Van Gogh, Shakespeare or theorem. The economy of the consumer society and, above all, the incomes of the owners of life suffer from this – so they strive to prevent culture and education (which, in addition, prevent them from manipulating the population as a herd deprived of intelligence). © V.I. Arnold.
So, in order to make it easier for people to manage, they need to stop thinking a lot. The thinking of the average citizen should remain at the level of thinking of a teenager.

How is this done in practice?
1) Patterns and stereotypes make thinking much easier. The more stencils and generally accepted points of view in your head, the less room for your own thoughts. Of particular importance is the opinion of “authorities” acting in the media – artists, athletes, politicians, TV anchors: if you listen to them all the time, you will not have to work on drawing up your own opinion.
2) A man in the street should think strictly assessed. Estimates should be categorical, unambiguous: this is good, and this is evil; this is good and this is bad; it is white, and it is black – there is no third, no gray shades or semitones.
3) What does the citizen actually do when relaxing after working in front of the TV? Gets emotions and laughs. Humorous programs (as well as funny pictures and videos, and “statements” on the Internet) occupy the lion’s share of the leisure activities of ordinary people. However, this humor does not require mental effort, basically it is flat (as for children), or vulgar-toilet-abusive (as an option, “cynical”, but also stupid). The best humor for citizens is the so-called “rzhaka” – when some inappropriate action, which does not require thinking, causes a laughter reaction.
4) The entire diverse entertainment industry is aimed at minimizing the habit of thinking – 50 television channels in every home, all kinds of shows, shopping and entertainment complexes, bars, clubs and cafes, alcohol. What people would not be busy – the main thing that did not interfere.