Everything inside you will struggle with the development

The human mind is a miracle, and you will never see its work better than at the moment when it fights against obvious evidence of the need for change. Your psyche is equipped with defense mechanisms designed to shoot off anything that can move things inside you — ask any addict.
Even now, some of you are reading this and feel the brain automatically bombard the reading and demand not to accept it. From my own experience I can say that the bombing can take place in the form of:

– Intentional understanding of any criticism as an insult

“Who is he to call me lazy and useless!” A good man would not talk to me like that! He wrote it all just to feel superior to me, so I felt like shit! And I will not leave it like this, I will equalize the score! ”

– Focusing on who says, not what they say

“Who is HE to tell ME how I should live!” Oh, look at him, how big and strong he is! And in fact, another moronic grafoman from the network! I’ll go and dig up something on him that will convince me that he is stupid! So pretentious that it makes me sick! I saw his old rap video on YouTube, and his rhymes sucks! ”

– Focusing on the tone of the message, not on its content

“I will dig everything down until I find a joke that sounds insulting when taken out of context, and then I will talk and think only about her! I heard that one insulting word can bury a whole book! ”

– Editing your own story

“It’s not so bad! I know that I tried to commit suicide last month, but now I feel better! It is likely that if I continue in the same spirit, everything will eventually work itself! I will take a big pause, and continue to show interest in that girl, so that in the end she will come! ”

– Confidence that any change in yourself is a betrayal of the true self.

“Yeah, so I have to throw all my comics and plow 6 hours a day instead in the gym? And use tanning like all these assholes from the TV show? Because it is the only alternative. ”

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