Expensive things

Gleb Shcherblyuich is not rich enough to buy cheap things. More precisely, he is not rich at all. Gleb is a rogue, and he often doesn’t have enough money even for a cup of steaming coffee in a machine on the floor below his office.

However, saying “go ass, it’s too expensive for me” Gleb does not know how. Because of this, he constantly buys things for himself, at the sight of which even a much richer person has cold green paws on his throat.
A leather jacket worth two wages? I am not rich enough to buy cheap things. And do not care that in size and style Gleb does not understand, because of what looks in this jacket as the brother of the buyer of stolen goods.

Laptop latest model for 80 thousand rubles? I am not rich enough to buy cheap things. I will take a loan at insane interest rates, I will eat oatmeal with salt for 2 years and ride a hare on the subway, but then I’ll have a beautiful silver laptop gathering dust on my shelf.

The question is, and why would Gleb not be more modest and not buy things a little worse, but 10 times cheaper?

Yes, everything is simple. Gleb is lazy to spend three hours of time to compare prices and features in order to calculate the pros and cons of the purchase. It is easier for him to cavalry rubanut hand and say “I decided to buy.” In addition, despite the holes in the shoes and the glasses sealed with electrical tape, Gleb is somehow embarrassed to inform the sellers that he is a rogue.

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