Happiness takes effort.

And courage. It is incredibly convenient to know that if you do not create anything in this life, then no one can attack what you have created.
How much easier it is to just sit on your ass and criticize what others are creating. Cinema is stupid. This couple of children is badly brought up. The relationship of this couple is mired in confusion. This rich man is as small as a man. That restaurant sucks. This internet writer is a nerd. I’d rather leave a comment under his work, in which I would demand that the site be fired. See, I created something.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention this? Yes, whatever you are trying to build or create – be it a poem, a new skill, a new relationship – you will immediately find yourself surrounded by “non-creators” who scold what you have done. Maybe behind your back, but they will do it. Your drunken friends will be against your sobriety. Your fat friends won’t want you to start a new fitness routine. Your unemployed friends will not want to see your immersion in a career.

Remember, they are just expressing their own fears, since slandering other people’s work has become another excuse for doing nothing. “Why should I create something, if what others create, sucks? I would have already written a novel, but I’m going to wait for something good, I don’t want to write the next Twilight! And as long as he does not produce anything, he is perfect and far from reproach. And even if he does something, he will be convinced that he did it with a certain irony. He will make it intentionally bad, so that it will be clear to everyone that this is not a real attempt. That real attempt will be incredible. Not like the shit you do.

All comments boil down to one thing: “Stop creating. This is different from what I would have done, and the attention you receive makes me worry about myself. ”

Do not be such a person. If you are such a person, do not be more. This is what people hate you for. This is why you hate yourself.

So what about this: one year. The end of 2015 is our deadline. Or a year from the moment you read it. While other people say “This year I’ll lose 15 kilograms,” I propose to give a promise to make a fucking “something” – add any skill, any improvement to your human toolkit. And do it well enough to impress people. Do not ask me exactly what the hell, choose something random from what you do not know. Sign up for karate, ballroom dancing, pottery. Learn to bake. Build a birdhouse. Learn how to massage. Learn a programming language. Take off the porn. Become a superhero and fight crime. Start a video blog on YouTube.

The key point here is that I don’t want you to focus on something global that you want to happen to you (“I will make a lot of money …”). I want you to concentrate on giving yourself a skill that will make you even more interesting and valuable to other people.

“I have no money to pay for cooking courses.” Then google “How to cook.” Damn it, you must kill all these excuses. Or they will kill you.

You have nothing to lose, and the world needs you.

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