I do not believe in God.

Without these hypocritical ones here, “well, something must be there after all.” Without the flirtatious “ah, I’m a little agnostic.”
Not. I do not allow anything like that. I am very satisfied with the biological model of the world. Physics, astronomy, mathematics. Psychology. I’m quite comfortable in the framework that science creates. Because I see confirmation of the words with deeds. If there is gravity – I see the notorious apple fall down. They do not force me to believe – they show me the whole mechanism from beginning to end.

And I am absolutely not annoyed that someone is not an atheist. I don’t really care if anyone draws a caricature of atheists, if someone makes a fancy movie about atheists, or writes a tart song about them. I will not be offended, do not hide evil, and certainly will not go kill anyone for it. If it is ridiculous to someone that I do not believe in any of the many gods that mankind has, let them laugh. To health! I agree to be funny in this case. Look – I do not bow to the old man painted on the tablet! I do not bring fruit and flowers to the clay idol! I do not read messages in a language I do not understand, to a person unknown to me, whom I should love most of all. Here I am ridiculous. Ha ha ha! Laugh at me!

I am ready, right now, to confess to his twenty-first century mother that I do not believe in devils, angels, resurrection dead, or other wonders. And I’m not ashamed. I basically have no such need – to believe. What I know and what you can learn, what you can touch and see with your own eyes, is quite enough for me. I do not know how to “see with my heart” and “feel with my soul,” and I absolutely do not need it.

I have no soul, and after death I will not go anywhere. The atoms of which I am now, will simply disintegrate and again mix with the atoms of the rest of the Universe. What other immortality do you need? Personally, I don’t need more. Completely satisfied with this situation.

I will not sue you, because my worldview is funny to you, I will not block your movement, because of my religious holiday, I will not congratulate you with anything, I will not wait for reciprocal congratulations, I will not call you to accept my faith, I will not accuse you of inferiority, only from the fact that you do not adhere to my religious views. And I do not know of a single war launched by atheists in the name of the triumph of atheism. I do not know of a single terrorist act, committed to the glory of atheism.

That’s all I can tell you today.

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