If a person is degenerate, then he is absolutely degenerate.

All kinds of AIDS deniers most often also religious fundamentalists (or Rodnovers), resist vaccinations, for home births without a doctor (and subsequent devouring of the placenta by the mother), are “treated” by homeopathy, believe in the world government and are raw foodists. It turns out such a system for alternatively intelligent personalities. It is difficult to say which element of this System is the most disgusting and dangerous, but I would point to the fight against vaccines.

The essence of vaccinations is known to everyone who has not skipped biology in school: a person is given a drug that causes the production of antibodies to a specific antigen. For example, some specific for harmful bacteria or virus protein. Antibodies produced for a long time (from several months to several decades) are stored by immune memory cells. If the antigen along with a harmful bacterium or virus enters the body again, then the rate of production of antibodies to it (and, accordingly, the effectiveness of the fight against it) will be higher than with the first ingestion of the antigen in the body, by several orders of magnitude – the pattern already exists . Therefore, the chance to get sick is very noticeably reduced – even the most primitive variolation (rubbing the scabs of patients with smallpox into the wound of a healthy person) reduced mortality from smallpox by an order of magnitude, from 20% to 2%. Then the vaccinations improved, smallpox was defeated with their help, and the plague was completely eradicated, and active control of measles was carried out, killing about 150,000 unvaccinated children a year, polio and other unpleasant things, the only means against which a couple of hundred years ago was pray and post.

However, no good deed goes unpunished. After vaccinations reduced the death rate from the corresponding diseases to zero, the degenerates immediately forgot about the diseases and began … to curse the vaccines. Why? Arguments are different, one another illiterate. “Before the introduction of vaccinations, everyone was healthy, warriors, and now all the asphyxia and constantly die from the introduction of disease!” – the degenerate shouts, who even in his correctional school managed to get a deuce in history. “We are vaccinated with disease, wake up!” – this is a biology biology scholar who heard something about the introduction of a weakened pathogen, but did not understand what was the matter. Can the troechnik answer the question, why then die of poliomyelitis only in countries where vaccination is not performed? Of course not. “This is a conspiracy of doctors, they earn money on vaccines!” – shouts a lover of conspiracy theories. We will not argue – just let go of it with another lover of conspiracy theories crying, “This is a government conspiracy, they force doctors to vaccinate children under the threat of dismissal!” “Vaccinations contain yad (mercury, phenol, GMO)!” – well, this argument is at least based on real events. Vaccinations do contain different chemicals to induce a stronger immune response (the so-called adjuvants, they cause local inflammation that attracts the cells of the immune system), but their doses are negligible, and these chemicals are chosen in such a way as not to be carried by the blood stream at the injection site (otherwise, the meaning in the adjuvants disappears). “Western vaccines may be normal, but in Russia the entire budget of the Ministry of Health drank and inoculated with expired / outdated vaccines!” – shouts rusofob-alarmist. Different things happen, but this is not an argument against vaccinations, this is an argument against cuts. If paranoia conquers, take root in private clinics. “The chance of getting complications from vaccination is higher than getting sick” – and this is more likely an argument in favor of the effectiveness of vaccinations. Unfortunately, no one is immune from side effects. No one proposes to ban cars, although many more people die in road accidents than from complications after vaccination.

If someone thinks that I’m making panic here, and it’s really not necessary to take root in conditions of collective immunity – that, alas, everything is not so rosy. If nineteen children in a kindergarten group are vaccinated and one is not vaccinated, then there is really little that threatens it. However, if five out of twenty children are already vaccinated, then the epidemic has every chance of starting – and this happens regularly, for example, in areas inhabited by Protestant fundamentalists in the United States. Do these people lead their children to the vaccine after the news about the epidemic? Of course not, because there they will be given a speedorak interspersed with mercury and will earn money.

Clever learn from the mistakes of others, fools – on their own, but degenerates never learn. Unfortunately, some Russians are actively adopting the experience of their foreign comrades.

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