Lack of sleep

Olya Golovolastnaya sleeps 6 hours a day. Sometimes – for 5 hours. I woke up, slammed coffee and let’s fuss up to the night. Another girl in her place would have long ago thought that she somehow lives in the wrong way. But Olya has not been getting enough sleep for many years now, and she has long been disaccustomed to thinking. When Olya falls free half an hour, she pours herself another cup of some crisping burda and … sits down to blunt. Watching TV, sticking it into the Internet, just looking with dubious eyes at the wall and driving around in a circle empty thoughts.

From the side it seems as if to get out of this vicious circle is very simple. You just have to make it a rule to dive under a blanket at exactly 12 at night. A couple of weeks of eight-hour sleep, and Olya will not know. She will become calm and kind, stop barking at people and start to keep up with everything.

But … in order to remake everything in the rhythm of the waltz by 11 pm, you need to make a non-acidic volitional effort over yourself. And, alas, the sleepy Olga is not capable of such an effort.
Sleepy Olya will spend several hours every day on all sorts of senseless nonsense. Because of these lost hours, Olya will not go to bed every day at 12, but at 2. And at 8 in the morning, whether you want to or not, she will have to sleep and get up and hoof up to work. Where is there to think about some kind of change of activity and big money. This is so, a dream.

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