Let’s get the baby

For me, there is no sight sadder than young couples who have not yet learned to provide for themselves, suddenly have children. My brain is simply physically unable to digest this logical chain: “We cannot afford a decent apartment. We buy not the best products. We don’t wear the best clothes. Our appliances have become obsolete. What to do? And let’s start child! ”
And give birth, damn them. Plant, despite the fact that they themselves are still green, like the dick of a grasshopper-youngster. Then I see them cheerful, happy, spending a lot of free time with children, pale, wrapped, working in two shifts to provide children with at least a minimum level of comfort.
Provide your children with a quality life, at the price of total deprivation? Sorry for that stupid trend. Until I can provide my reproductive function properly, I will not even think about any children.
This is called love for children.