Minor expenses

Vasya Zimobryuhov working as a plumber on call. There are a thousand, there are two, there are five hundred rubles … in general, a good income should have been obtained. However, Vasya rarely accumulates noticeable amounts in his wallet, he is almost always aground. Why?

Because Vasya how to earn money, and spends them: not counting. 500 rubles for a taxi to the house. 1000 rubles for lunch in a restaurant. It seems like you work and work … but there is no money as no.

If Vasya had gotten a notebook and started recording all his incomes and expenses there, his ass hair would have stirred in horror. Vasya would see that eating in a restaurant is not a pitiful one thousand at a time, as he thought, and 50 thousand a month, 600 thousand a year. Vasya would see that a taxi is convenient and comfortable, but two months of traveling on shuttles will allow him to buy a new computer, which he has been dreaming about for 3 years. However, as befits a normal slave of the Matrix, Vasya does not consider it necessary to count the money.

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