Yegor Oskopchik constantly tells his friends stories, one is just more amazing than the other. About the crisis. About some politotu, rallies. Egor is always on edge, he constantly has someone wrong: now the head, then the traffic cop, then the popularly elected president of the Russian Federation.

Of course, we live in a free country, and Egor has the right to enclose anyone with his genitals with his friends … but after all, Yegor constantly suffers because of other people’s problems. The habit of getting into other people’s problems regularly makes him feel depressing impotence, to realize that something is bad somewhere, and he cannot change anything.
If Egor had explained to someone that our world is unfair and that the only way to make it better is to start from ourselves, Egor, probably, would have been in some leadership position long ago. Yegor’s brains and hands are in place, the energy from him is so rushing.

But, Egor, unfortunately, prefers to spend his inexhaustible energy not on creative activities, but on exposing and punishing people who, according to Egor, behave incorrectly.

Egor himself considers a well-adapted person to live: he knows how to make trouble and stand on his own, and, on occasion, can even give a face. Friends look at Egor with poorly concealed pity. Since Egor is constantly plunging on level ground, sometimes in scandals, sometimes in fights, even in some ridiculous courts.

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