Never give up

One day, a son came to his father for advice:
“Dad, I can’t do anything again,” he said. – These trainings only exhaust, and the result does not change. Probably, I was not made to play football, and my dream will never come true.

Dad with paternal tenderness looked at his son with loving eyes and said:
– You know, son, everyone in life has dreams, goals, desires. It is they who force us to do what we do, because it is necessary. You have to fight for what you believe, for what you feel. Otherwise, you just break. Once – and that’s all. So, as if you never had. The easiest way is to quit everything and not go to the end, because the path is thorny, and we are not used to inconvenience. We want everything to be easy and immediately. But desires are fleeting! So our dream dies, and the goal becomes unattainable. Gradually, life becomes a routine without depth and without meaning. Then one day, trying to forget everything and start from the beginning, we are waiting for a new day in order to make our life different. But new obstacles appear on our way, and we again stop. We are overwhelmed with despair and anger for our own powerlessness … But you just have to remember: never give up, fight, fight. It doesn’t matter that you lost one battle or even dozens of battles. Life goes on! Your main opponents are in you yourself – laziness, fear, doubt, indecision. Be a dream warrior, a knight of a goal and a soldier of desires.