Not served – not a man

The desire to take a gun in his hands and serve someone is inversely proportional to the presence of brains as such. I hate army, military and war. I hate weapons, tanks and all military equipment combined. And I absolutely do not understand the pride and the annual celebration of the victory of one people over another. Life is given only once and consider yourself someone’s pawn, ready to die just like some kind of insect, it’s just disrespect for yourself. Now is not the Middle Ages and we are not savages to defend ourselves with sticks from each other!
There is such a wonderful proverb: “Give a man a fish – he will be fed one day, teach a person to fish – he will be fed all his life.” It’s me that the fool will protect himself from everyone with a weapon and think only about strengthening his defense capability and a smart person will just solve the very root cause of possible conflicts and will live in peace all his life. You are outraged when your children are taught religion at school [which is true in principle], but you consider it normal when they are taken to museums and proudly show tanks and machine guns that killed millions of people, including their own, who refused to take automatic weapons in their hands [and searched and shot even after the end of the war].

You consider it normal to celebrate May 9 – the day of innocent deaths in the name of human stupidity – the day of mourning. As long as this propaganda of patriotism, “male eggs” and love of arms will be waged, you and I cannot see civilization as our ears. It is a pity that not everyone understands this. Looks like idiots in our age will suffice with a margin. It is sad. It’s one thing when we shoot crows in gardens and poison cockroaches in an apartment, and it’s quite another thing to use nuclear weapons to destroy our own kind. The difference is that the crows and parasites cannot be negotiated, but the person has language and intelligence. But as it turns out, not everyone has it. And while in the world there will be all sorts of patriotic personalities in uniform, before civilization, you and I walk to the moon.
For thousands of years kings have divided and taken land from one another. Countries have changed and renamed. And the same amount will be changed and renamed. We can turn everything upside down, but our planet, as it was round, will remain so. All these meaningless actions are just marking time in one place. What does it matter who you are! Who cares where you were born! It makes no difference! My homeland is planet Earth. I was born at a certain point completely by accident, and this was not my choice. Considering that part of the territory where you appeared by chance as a birthplace is nothing more than mindlessly imposing other principles on yourself. Why should I love my people and defend myself with a gun from another? How absurdly the current situation looks from the side: on a planet divided into a lot of different scraps [divided according to the principle of who grabbed more] there are these ryazhennye roosters in epaulets with a gun at the ready, ready to shoot foreigners.
The phrases “Not served – not a man” and “Give the debt to the motherland” I find simply ridiculous. “Serving” – [“servant”, “servant”] is at least humiliating. Oh yes, the law! Well I have to! Well, I read the law, but exactly up to that time, until he goes beyond the limits of common sense, and in this situation he has nothing in common with him.