Old age of 25 years (a continuation…)

It would seem, well, you have no haste, you can postpone them for a day or two and rush to nature, to the country, to the river, just sit with close friends on the bank of the river or lake, listen to the sound of water rushing, look at the bustle of ants under your feet, warm yourself by the fire, go to the museum, the cinema, and you never know what can somehow dispel the grayness of life.

But alas, they are old people; at the age of 25-30 they have become old to 60 and have become indifferent to everything that happens in their lives and around them. And they just don’t understand (and don’t accept) how you can put everything off and go fishing, sit by the water and put your thoughts in order, without this endless Russian household fuss “work-home-work”, through a bunch of varied life sad fuck. The bytovuha devoured them, ground them and made them dull.

Moreover, the elderly did them on purpose, they killed the initiative and ease of growth on the vine, it is easier to manage the society, but the people themselves are guilty of their premature old age, agreeing to this pattern of existence, but how sad all this is, their whole life pseudo-joy and pseudo-acclaim: rejoice that someone has been fucked for 1000 rubles, and grieve that cigarettes have risen in price … Their joys are insignificant, just as their sorrows are insignificant.

What do you think, when 9 out of 10 young people between the ages of 25 and 30–35 became 60 year olds living a dull, monotonous life, and who could no longer be pulled out of this gray bog into which they had turned their lives, is that normal? Or I just don’t understand anything and in my 30+ years I’m still the same asshole who can postpone all his business for a couple of days at any time and say in reply to the proposed: “Yes, they went fishing, it’s +5 and rain Herachit without ceasing, Che and not in this weather fell “. And go on this fishing … But at least where. It is not enough razvlekushek in this life.

But alas, I know only one such person, everyone else is mired in some kind of everyday swamp, and they don’t even try to get out, becoming the 60-year olds in their nearly 30 …

At 30 years old – a great old age when you no longer want anything but to come home, turn on the TV set, computer, and sit quietly, quietly, wait for the end of your life …

I in no way urge to live “here and now”, burning to the ground in a few years, but also to turn my young life into a set of dull patterns and turn into an old man, this is very sad, because there are no other lives and will not, and this bytovuhi in the grayness, others and in another way you will not live anymore, there are no them, there are no other lives.

On the other hand, we have a neighbor in the village for a dacha of 80+ years, so I communicate with her as if she are 35 years old, she is aware of almost all modern things, knows about the Internet, I do not see an old man in her, not in her of old age, I can tell her about nuclear fusion and she will understand what it is and how …

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