Old age of 25 years

“I look at my once familiar, familiar acquaintances, just strangers to me, aged 20 to 35 years old, most of them are old, deep old people, 60 and older. They are not interested in anything, they live according to the work-home-sleep scheme -work-home-dream, occasionally alternating this endless cycle of being booze and rare trips somewhere to “rest”.
Now in Russia it has become the basic norm – a wedding at 20-25, children must immediately, be sure to mortgage their housing, why the man will not see white people for 20 years, be sure to cover this mortgage with a capital, that is, have a second child , necessary, as a rule, only for the sake of reducing the mortgage payment.
All according to the same scheme, everything is as it should be, everything is as it should be.

And then you look at these unfortunate people and it seems that you have a 60 year old man in front of you, and they are younger. And now they are no, no, living according to uniform patterns, measuring their lives in the past years from vacation to vacation.

Of course, they are trying to seem happy, young, energetic, they post monotonous photos on the social network, “I drink vino in the cafe” and then “I am in the water park”, and here “I am so / so happy”, and here I am ” there is something “, but these photos are so sad and monotonous … All this happiness, joy and show off, and at home quarrels, scandals, hatred for their spouses and children. They play to the public, posing as a happy family, and after six months or a year they divorce with scandal and sharing everything. They pretend that they like the work, communicate with colleagues, relaxing them and pretending that they are interested in these people, and inside they either don’t give a shit to all colleagues at the hateful work, or they quietly hate and envy them, and envy the same ostentatious happy their lives.

Of course, intuitively aware of this, they are trying to somehow diversify their lives, but they choose the same dull ways, for example, the most typical example – once a year rest in the south of Russia, in Turkey, but there they remain the same old people. Although the social network after these trips collapses just a shaft of sad fotochek “I’m happy at sea.”

There is practically nothing to talk with them about, they are not interested in science, culture, they don’t care about anything at all, their vocabulary is negligible, often all these people cannot even write or write a couple of meaningful sentences, and if they write, the eyes of a competent person start to bleed from their syllable and spelling.

– went to thump on Skype, zayebalo all.

– no, I can’t do it today, I’m doing repairs, I go to the garage, go to the dacha to my mother-in-law, go to the second job, take the third, and then do it, and then do it, and then … do it. I need it, I can’t, I can’t, today’s business tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, business, business, repair, mortgage, business, repair, business, mortgage, I must be necessary: ​​I can’t … I DO NOT WANT. Because I already got used to it, I became an old man at the age of 25, I grew old 30 years earlier.

It’s really impossible to swing people to something, to go somewhere, for example, to nature, even every six months, they have a hundred excuses not to break the usual flow of life. They are not interested in anything, they do not want to change anything in their life, they are comfortable, sad, but comfortable.

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