Phobias are so popular now

Since phobias are so popular now, and I want to confess to phobias, I’m terrified of idiots. I’m afraid when I’m driving down the road, I’m afraid the idiot will be in the operating room, I’m afraid the idiot will get to the nuclear button. I’m afraid to live in a country full of idiots, ruled by idiots. And I believe that idiots need to be destroyed. How to do? Education. Education. Promotion of humanistic values, scientific worldview and atheism as well. I want you to join me in this fight and start killing the idiot in you. I ask you to pay attention to all manifestations of obscurantism around you and not leave them without comment. I urge you to learn how to give advice, to present your position in a reasoned manner and to think critically, based on the facts confirmed by science. This is the only way we can move something for the better.