Propaganda militarism

How does it roar from when you see how some kind of “YAGEMET” puts a child in military uniform. There are a number of questions for mummies: why do you arrange all this? Why draw children into this theater of the absurd and masquerade? You think of yourself as “grieving” and “reading memory.” This is very similar to hypocrisy, because you “grieve” and “remember” only on May 9th. All this can be described in one phrase – propaganda of militarism. Remind what happened in the period 1941-1945? Two bloody tyrants and dictators decided to “play” war games, and all this ended with millions of corpses of soldiers and civilians: they died of starvation, shot, tortured, and tortured.
It would seem that the answer to the above questions is obvious – “This is gratitude and respect to the veterans for peace!”, But then you can ask the following question: “What is your gratitude?”. You need it in order to entertain your self-esteem and for beautiful photos in Instagram or Classmates, so that everyone can see what a “wonderful kid” is.

What is the point of militarizing your present? If you call all this “the day of victory”, then I will tell you the following: the main point of the victory is that you will not have to face the same horror and would not have to wear a military uniform. War is defeat, it is bloodshed, death and grief. Think about why this is theater and carnival …