Klava Zagrebryuk believes that apartments in Russia are too expensive. God alone knows how much this new one-bedroom apartment cost her and her family. Now Klava is doing repairs in the apartment. Take, for example, the kitchen.

You can go to the hardware store and buy the cheapest kitchen there, thousands for 8 rubles. For this money, Klava will receive some squalid cabinets made of laminated chipboard, albeit without any claims to the design, but still able to store plates and pans inside.
You can go to the Swedes at IKEA and choose something more decent for yourself, thousands in the past 50. The quality, of course, will not be a fountain, but if you find a good collector who spends a few days refining the stingy Swedes to mind, even cute.

You can visit any of our furniture factory and choose from the catalog the kitchen under the order. It will be already 200 thousand, but the girlfriends of Klava will be approvingly clattering their tongues at the sight of the lighting inside the lockers and the sinusoidal cornice above the dust collecting decorative shelves.

You can go to the salon of Italian furniture and succumb to the modest charm of the bourgeoisie. There, prices for kitchens start from about 1 million, but if you are a little lucky, you can grab something from the old collection with a huge discount …

The question is, what kind of chlorine Klava, with all the wealth of choice, bought the kitchen for 600 thousand rubles? Same annual (!) Her salary with the husband. In this case, no savings in the family is not planned, and so they had to borrow to complete the repair for the winter.

No, I understand, the kitchen is important, the kitchen is for a long time, Italy is the quality … But if Klava could not affect the price of the apartment, then at least the price of repairs was in her power? But seriously, if Klava spent on repairing not 2 million, but 200 thousand rubles – what, the saved three years of work would not pay for her moral sufferings from the sight of cheap tiles and thin laminate?

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