Serial killers

– There was a man named Albert Fish. It is believed that he ate 40 children. People wanted to tear it to pieces or burn it alive, they were furious. One psychiatrist, Friedrich Wertham, said: “Do not kill him. I want to try to find out what made him so. To avoid this in the future.” I like this guy and that’s what he found. When Albert Fishu was 8 years old, he touched his intimate places. His mother was a devout Baptist, a kind woman. She came in and said, “You will burn in hell if you touch this part of your body. This is a diabolical occupation. And you will burn forever!” She scared the boy to death. Mother said that at 2 o’clock in the morning there was a scream. Entering the bedroom, she saw him sticking needles into his genitals. Because he did not want to go to hell. Do you understand? Later he began to take the children to the forest, tried to cut off their genitals to protect them from hell.

Who is a soldier, in your opinion? This is a man who watched movies where the Japanese raped women. This is called propaganda. Because among the Japanese there are as many rapists as there are among us. They are not so different. But with the help of propaganda, one can develop hatred of the Germans in people, call them “krautz” skitters. And today to the Muslims. All we hate is the result of manipulation. Films are shot to convince children to serve in the army. Showing medals, heroes. I worked for a man named Ernst Udet. He was the head of the German Air Force in World War I. I asked him: “How did you manage to shoot down 70 airplanes”? He replied: “It was very easy! I flew over the squadrons and looked for newcomers. Inexperienced and weak pilots and knocked them down.” Edie Rickinbaker, an American hero, did the same thing. He shot down about 65 aircraft. There is no other way to do this. In a battle with an equal adversary, you might have shot down 6–7 planes, but not like 70. So for me all these, so-called heroes are only a part of the deception surrounding us. I am not angry with or condemn them. I understand them. If you grew up in this world and were given a machine gun, you shot 400 people enemies, then you were given a medal or 5 medals. Then you are not a serial killer and not a maniac, you are a hero. Do you understand? There are no maniacs and heroes, they are created by certain circumstances. If we do not know these circumstances, then hatred comes after the decisions. Tell them how they became so, and if you know how to change them, if you have knowledge of the mechanisms of change, it will take time. People ask: “How long does it take to change all the people on earth”? If we have a TV company, it will take 3 months, not more. I asked the military: “How do you take teens from churches and turn them into killing machines”? They replied: “We had a man named Frank Capra and shot the film“ Why are we fighting? ”He showed the Japanese bad, the Germans terrible, the Spaniards frightening. It always works! Give me a guide on movies, television, radio, and it won’t take long, because when people start changing, they will change other people.

Jacques Fresco