The ideal mass

Such emotions and aspirations in ancient cultures are considered to be low, and I agree with that. People whose heads are clogged like this, more often resemble flocks of gnawing animals than a civilized society. From here we get disunited, indifferent, cruel to each other fellow citizens.
The ultimate goal of mass media is not even so stupefied through entertainment, as the formation of the consumer.
The ideal consumer must be sure of his exclusivity, be selfish and narcissistic. His “I” and his Wishlist must be in the center of his universe. It is not the logical, but the emotional attitude to what is happening that is being encouraged. Man’s desires must overshadow his real needs. People tend to teach much to want new things, even when they have no practical need.
The ideal mass is the one that does not begin to think about the call, but immediately goes to buy, obeying its own desires.