The world only cares what it can get from you.

Let’s assume that the person you love the most is just shot down. Lying on the street, bleeding and screaming. A guy comes up and tells you to “Get away.” He looks at your loved one’s wound and takes out a penknife – he is going to operate on the street.

You ask: “Are you a doctor?”
He replies: “No.”
You say, “But you know what you’re doing, right?”

At this moment the guy is losing his temper. He says that he is good, honest, that he always comes on time. He reports that he is a great son, his life is full of fascinating hobbies, and he is proud that he never swears.

You’re embarrassed: “What the hell is that all about when my love is here and bleeding! I need someone who knows how to handle gunshot wounds! Can you or not?!? ”

And now the guy begins to agitate – what are you so superficial and selfish? You what? Do not care about all these great qualities? Didn’t you hear what he told you, that he always remembers his girlfriend’s birthday? And in the light of all these cool things, does it really matter if he can operate?

At this point, you jump up, grab him with your bloody hands on the shoulders, shake and shout: “Yes, none of this shit makes any difference, because this is a special situation, and I need someone who can stop the bleeding, you fucking sick bastard”.

And here it is, my terrible thing about the adult world: you are in the exact same situation every single day. And you’re in the place of that guy with a penknife, and the society is a bleeding victim of shooting.

If you want to know why society seems to be avoiding you, or why you are not respected, it is because society is full of people who need something. They need built houses, they need food, they need entertainment, they need satisfactory sex. And you arrived at the place of an emergency with a penknife in your hands, simply by virtue of your birth – at the moment when you come to this world, you become part of a system designed strictly to listen to the needs of people.

Either you get stuck on the task of “listening to the needs of people” and earn a unique set of skills, or the world will kick you in the ass. And no matter how kind, generous and polite you are. You will be poor, you will be alone, you will be exposed to the cold.

Does it seem cruel, primitive or materialistic? What about love and kindness – do they really mean nothing? Of course they do. As long as they are a consequence of the fact that you are doing to people something that they cannot get anywhere else.

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