Weddings and birthdays

Alisa Skotinenok marries. Alice works as an assistant manager, her chosen one is a junior technical support engineer. The budget of the newly created family is 40 thousand rubles a month. The wedding budget is 500 thousand.

Why would Alice not sign quietly in the registry office and go to celebrate the exchange of rings together with her husband in some quiet restaurant? Why does she need this petrosyan toastmaster, why does she need these shameful contests, why does she need this crowd of drunken cattle, clumsily stomping their feet under Verka Serduchka?

Why do we need to get into debt, ruin parents, feed and water people who, frankly, are quite able to eat and drink at their own expense? Alice is not stupid and understands that if she does not arrange a wedding, no one will pay attention to this: she will shrug her shoulders and forget the next day.

There are two reasons for Alice’s family’s annual income to go anywhere. First of all, this is how the Matrix orders it in the face of our customs and traditions. Secondly, Alice wants to show off in a white dress, and Alice believes that the year of work of two people is quite a normal price for a few wedding photos.

Of course, the defenders of a naive girl could say now that a wedding happens once in a lifetime … But there are still birthdays, funerals, celebrations of the New Year. How much money Alice will lower each year to these stupid gatherings?

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