What is inside you is important only if it forces you to do something.

Since I’m in this business, I know a bunch of ambitious authors. They think of themselves that they are writers, they present themselves at parties like this, they realize this deep inside themselves, they have writers’ hearts. The only thing they are missing is where their damn works really are.
But does it really matter? Written – all that is important to determine who is a writer and who is not?
For the love of the Lord, yes.

This is a general method of protection from everything I have mentioned above and long ago, and from any voice of criticism in your life. This is the thing that our ego tells us to save us from hard work on ourselves: “I know that I am a good person inside.” It can also be formulated as “I know who I am” and “I just have to be myself.”
Do not misunderstand me; you are inside – everything. The guy who built the house for his family from scratch and from scrap materials, did it because he is inside. Any bad deed that you did started with a bad impulse, some thought ricocheting inside your skull until you had to do it. And any good deed is done on the same principle. “Who are you inside?” Is a metaphorical dung on which your fruit grows.

And that’s what everyone should know. And the fact that many of you cannot accept:
“You are a fruit and nothing else.”
No one cares about your manure. “Who are you inside” doesn’t make any difference apart from what you produce for other people.
Inside you have tremendous compassion for the poor. Fine. The result of this compassion is any action on this? Do you hear about any terrible tragedy and say “Oh, poor children. Tell them what I think of them. ” Go to hell, if that’s the case, find out what they need and help. One hundred million people watched the video of Kony, virtually all of them thought about those poor African children. But what made this society out of these thoughts? Damn shit. Children die every day due to the fact that millions of us tell themselves that to experience is as good as it is to do. This is an internal mechanism, controlled by a lazy part of our brain, protecting us from real actions.

How many of you are now circling and saying “She / he would surely love me if only she knew / knew what an interesting person I was!” Really? And how could all these interesting thoughts and ideas of yours transfer themselves to the world? Or should they be the cause of action? If a girl or a guy of your dreams would shoot you with a hidden camera for a month, would they be impressed by what they saw then? Remember, they do not read thoughts, they can only see. Would they like to be a part of your life?
All I ask you to do is apply the same standards to yourself that you apply to others. You probably have an annoying Christian friend, all of whose help comes down to “I will pray for them.” Doesn’t this drive you crazy? I do not comment now whether prayers are working or not, but this does not change the fact that this person chose the kind of help that does not require him to tear his ass off the sofa. Such people refrain from any evil, their thoughts are pure, their internal manure is as pure as possible, but what fruits will grow on it? And they need to understand it better than anyone else – I stole a fruit metaphor from the Bible. Jesus repeated something like “the tree is judged by its fruits” again, and again, and again. Jesus never said, “If you want to work here, follow the plan.” No, he said, “Every tree that does not produce good fruit should be cut down and thrown into the fire” (Matthew Gospel).

People react badly when they are told such things. Like the managers from the film, they reacted badly to the words of Alec Baldwin that they should finally grow eggs or change jobs to shoemakers. Which brings us to the final point.

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