What you do is not obliged to bring money, it should benefit people

Let me give you an example not about money, with which you can not argue. I read dozens of stories a year from desperate lonely guys. These guys are indignant that women do not want to be with them, despite the fact that they are the sweetest in the world. I can explain what is wrong with such a set of mental installations, but Alec Baldwin again will do it much better than me.
In this case, Baldwin plays the role of attractive women. They, of course, do not speak so directly and harshly — society teaches us not to be honest with people — but the essence is the same. “Good guy? Who cares? If you want to work here, follow the plan. ”

“What? You say that I will not have a good girl until I have a good salary and a lot of money? ”
No, your brain jumps to such a conclusion so that you have an excuse not to take into account anyone who disagrees with you, because he is simply superficial and selfish. I ask, what do you suggest? You are clever? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? Ok, what are you doing to demonstrate these qualities to the world? Do not say that you are a good guy – this is not enough. Pretty girls have guys who are cute with them 36 times a day. The patient is bleeding to death in the street. Do you know how to operate it or not?

“Well, I’m not a sexist, not a racist, not greedy, not cruel! Not like the rest of the bastards! ”

I’m sorry, I know it’s hard to listen, but if all you can do is a list of shortcomings that you don’t have, then get the hell out of a patient. That witty handsome man with a promising career is ready to operate.

Did it break your heart? Okay, so what now? Are you going to get the bluff about this or go to study with a surgeon? It depends on you, but don’t complain that girls fall for scum; they fall for the scum, because these scum have something to offer. “But I can listen well!” Yes? Because you want to sit quietly instead of getting a chance to be in close proximity with a pretty girl (and spend every second in your dreams about how soft her skin is)? Now imagine that in the life of this girl there is another guy who knows how to listen, and he also plays the guitar.
To say that you are a good guy is like being a restaurant that sells not different dishes, but simply “food that does not poison you”. You are like a new film with the title “Cinema in English” and the slogan “The actors are clearly visible”.
I think it is for this reason that you can be a “good guy” and still feel awful thinking about yourself. Namely…

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