You do not know life!

From an early age to this day, people who have adopted a condescending tone are disgusting, as an argument in any dispute. Just as it comes to the analysis of the facts, how does such arrogant patroness spill over you:
– You do not know life! – proves to me a drunken teenager, who was actively trying to run into a fight before.
Sure, man. You are ten years younger than me – teach an unreasonable uncle.
“Young still, you don’t know anything,” some former convict rubs me in a motivated and compassionate tone.
Oh yes, you learned a lot in the four walls of the prison cell, in which you spent half your life. Of course, tell me, a stupid student, about art and science – “culture-multures”, right?
“Before that, we must grow …” the notorious “believers” teach me.

Of course, where am I to you, praying to all sorts of belts, bones and other dust collectors who do not know that Santa Claus and zodiac signs in your religion not only do not appear, but are denied, and in the post they stuff as much as possible the main fasting dish …
“If you grow up, you will understand,” the favorite phrase of most parents.
But where to grow already, dad, mom? Chandelier to knock his forehead or up to a meter-long gray beard? I have already exchanged the third dozen, and you still think that your opinion is more accurate and more important than mine.
I understand that this is such a mechanism of self-defense for people who are in some way convinced, but who do not possess the proper knowledge for at least some kind of argumentation above the level of “the fool himself”, but how tired is all this …