You hate yourself because you do nothing

“So what? You say that I should read a book on how to find a girl? ”
Yes, but only if the first step in this book is “Become the person next to whom girls want to be.”

This step is always omitted. Always “How can I find a job?” And not “How do I become the person your employers dream of?” Always “How to make beautiful girls like me?” And not “How can I become one who likes beautiful girls ? You see, this is all because the second questions will most likely require you to engage with many of your favorite hobbies, pay more attention to appearance, and God knows what else. You may even have to change your personality.
“But why can’t I find someone who will love me for who I am?”, You ask. Answer: Because people need a lot. The victim is bleeding to death, and all you can do is watch and suffer, that there are no gunshot wounds in the world that can be treated on their own.
Here is another video. What is stopping you from fastening a coward and a raincoat, jumping out onto the stage and swinging a penis in public? This guy knows the secret of victory in human life: do something … better than not doing it.

“But I’m not all good!”. Well, I have good news – enough time to repeat, and you can be good in everything. I was the crappy writer when I was a teenager. I got a little better at 25. And while I was desperately failing my career, I wrote in my spare time for eight years in a row, about an article a week before I started getting money for it. It took me 13 years to become a good enough writer and get on the New York Times bestseller list. It took me 20,000 hours of practice to polish my crappy texts.

Don’t like the prospect of wasting all your time getting skills? Well, I have good news and bad news. Good ones – such selfless practice will help you get out of your shell – I survived years of boring office work, because I knew that I was getting unique skills on the side. People drop out halfway, because the results are not immediately visible, because they cannot imagine that the process is the result.

Bad news – you have no choice. If you want to work here, follow the plan.
In my non-expert opinion, you do not hate yourself because of low self-esteem, not because people are cruel to you. You hate yourself because you do nothing. Even you cannot “love yourself the way you are” —that is why you are unhappy and send me private messages asking what you should do with your life.
Solve the problem: How much time do you spend on consumer things made by other people (TV, music, video games, websites), instead of doing something of your own? Only this adds value to your existence.

And if you don’t like to hear it, if you match the phrase “Only what is inside you” that you heard as a child, then I can tell you one thing …

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