Thursday, July 18, 2019

Never give up

One day, a son came to his father for advice: “Dad, I can’t do anything again,” he said. – These trainings only exhaust, and the result does not change. Probably, I was not made to play football, and my dream will never come true.

A beautiful lie or a bitter truth

Tell the stupid man the truth, and he will hate you. Show him his mistakes, and he will hate you. Offer him to work for the good of him and the world around him, and he will hate you. Show him by example that you can be better, and he will declare you his enemy. […]

Lack of sleep

Olya Golovolastnaya sleeps 6 hours a day. Sometimes – for 5 hours. I woke up, slammed coffee and let’s fuss up to the night. Another girl in her place would have long ago thought that she somehow lives in the wrong way. But Olya has not been getting enough sleep for many years now, and […]

Everything inside you will struggle with the development

The human mind is a miracle, and you will never see its work better than at the moment when it fights against obvious evidence of the need for change. Your psyche is equipped with defense mechanisms designed to shoot off anything that can move things inside you — ask any addict. Even now, some of […]

Minor expenses

Vasya Zimobryuhov working as a plumber on call. There are a thousand, there are two, there are five hundred rubles … in general, a good income should have been obtained. However, Vasya rarely accumulates noticeable amounts in his wallet, he is almost always aground. Why?

Hippies were wrong

Here is the greatest scene in the history of cinema. This is the famous speech by Alec Baldwin from the Glengarry Glenn Ross film masterpiece (“Americans” in Russian translation). Baldwin’s character – you take him for a villain – turns to a room full of guys, and tears his ass at the British flag, saying […]

To look at someone, and compare it with you, do not see how, if someone has achieved this, and that’s it’s not really right, though they are all take a stand on this issue …. First of all, you want to make sure, what you’re ...Continue Reading

Since phobias are so popular now, and I want to confess to phobias, I’m terrified of idiots. I’m afraid when I’m driving down the road, I’m afraid the idiot will be in the operating room, I’m afraid the idiot will get to the nuclear button. ...Continue Reading

The mind is a magician, it creates diseases, it creates medicines. The mind creates all sorts of illusions – beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty … The mind continues to create. And when the thought takes possession of you, then all your ...Continue Reading

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Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. - Eric Hoffer

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