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Klava Zagrebryuk believes that apartments in Russia are too expensive. God alone knows how much this new one-bedroom apartment cost her and her family. Now Klava is doing repairs in the apartment. Take, for example, the kitchen.

25 easy ways to get smarter: part 3

11. Try to guess the next phrase of the interlocutor. Rebecca Seix of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is confident that with proper training, people will be able to understand those around them without words — by their expressions, looks, and other similar features. This is the responsibility of the section of the brain, which […]

Hippies were wrong

Here is the greatest scene in the history of cinema. This is the famous speech by Alec Baldwin from the Glengarry Glenn Ross film masterpiece (“Americans” in Russian translation). Baldwin’s character – you take him for a villain – turns to a room full of guys, and tears his ass at the British flag, saying […]

Happiness takes effort.

And courage. It is incredibly convenient to know that if you do not create anything in this life, then no one can attack what you have created. How much easier it is to just sit on your ass and criticize what others are creating. Cinema is stupid. This couple of children is badly brought up. […]

Lack of sleep

Olya Golovolastnaya sleeps 6 hours a day. Sometimes – for 5 hours. I woke up, slammed coffee and let’s fuss up to the night. Another girl in her place would have long ago thought that she somehow lives in the wrong way. But Olya has not been getting enough sleep for many years now, and […]

You hate yourself because you do nothing

“So what? You say that I should read a book on how to find a girl? ” Yes, but only if the first step in this book is “Become the person next to whom girls want to be.”

To look at someone, and compare it with you, do not see how, if someone has achieved this, and that’s it’s not really right, though they are all take a stand on this issue …. First of all, you want to make sure, what you’re ...Continue Reading

Since phobias are so popular now, and I want to confess to phobias, I’m terrified of idiots. I’m afraid when I’m driving down the road, I’m afraid the idiot will be in the operating room, I’m afraid the idiot will get to the nuclear button. ...Continue Reading

The mind is a magician, it creates diseases, it creates medicines. The mind creates all sorts of illusions – beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty … The mind continues to create. And when the thought takes possession of you, then all your ...Continue Reading

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So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness. - Sidney Poitier

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