Sunday, August 18, 2019

A beautiful lie or a bitter truth

Tell the stupid man the truth, and he will hate you. Show him his mistakes, and he will hate you. Offer him to work for the good of him and the world around him, and he will hate you. Show him by example that you can be better, and he will declare you his enemy. […]

Dullness, sexual behavior, aggression and outrageous

Dullness, sexual behavior, aggression and outrageous are glorified in television shows and comedies. It demonstrates how fun and fun it is to be stupid and inadequate. Freaks get all the attention. The most frequent image in a television show is a hysterical, capricious, full-fledged person, who behaves deliberately outrageous and demands attention to himself. Such […]

залог взаимоотношений

Принимая природу другого человека так, как он тебе её показывает — залог великолепных и бесконфликтных взаимоотношений разных уровней. Человек всегда хочет быть выслушанным и чтобы его речь приняли максимально так, как он ее доносит, и это должно быть взаимно. Но, как только ты( в контексте) начинаешь слышать в человеке все то, чем ты наполнен, тогда […]

Credit cards

Petya Klyushkin receives 30 thousand rubles a month. He also has several credit cards with a total debt of 100 thousand rubles. For the maintenance of this loan, Peter monthly pays 10 percent of his salary to banks: 3,000.

Propaganda militarism

How does it roar from when you see how some kind of “YAGEMET” puts a child in military uniform. There are a number of questions for mummies: why do you arrange all this? Why draw children into this theater of the absurd and masquerade? You think of yourself as “grieving” and “reading memory.” This is […]

You do not know life!

From an early age to this day, people who have adopted a condescending tone are disgusting, as an argument in any dispute. Just as it comes to the analysis of the facts, how does such arrogant patroness spill over you: – You do not know life! – proves to me a drunken teenager, who was […]

To look at someone, and compare it with you, do not see how, if someone has achieved this, and that’s it’s not really right, though they are all take a stand on this issue …. First of all, you want to make sure, what you’re ...Continue Reading

Since phobias are so popular now, and I want to confess to phobias, I’m terrified of idiots. I’m afraid when I’m driving down the road, I’m afraid the idiot will be in the operating room, I’m afraid the idiot will get to the nuclear button. ...Continue Reading

The mind is a magician, it creates diseases, it creates medicines. The mind creates all sorts of illusions – beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty … The mind continues to create. And when the thought takes possession of you, then all your ...Continue Reading

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So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness. - Sidney Poitier

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